Bluffs Business Association

"Building Relationships with Commerce and Community"

Bluffs Business Association

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The Bluffs Business Association is a group of professionals dedicated to business excellence. Each member of the Bluffs Business Association knows and trusts all other members and promotes the products and services of other members as opportunities occur.


  • Yearly dues are only $120

  • Monthly networking events enable you to expand your referral base

  • Announcement of your membership in the Belleair Bee Newspaper

  • Listing in the BBA membership directory that is distributed to local businesses and residents

  • Promotional materials delivered to new residents

  • Opportunities to help sponsor and contribute to local community activities and events

  • Monthly meetings to help keep you up-to-date on important community events and issues

About the Logo (BBA Seal):

The logo for the Bluffs Business Association was designed in September 2013 by Gary Fustino of Design For Communication. Theme "Building relationships with commerce and community". The look - features the causeway (facing East), unique to the Belleair Bluffs and Harbor Bluffs, with the bridge supports representing the "BBA" initials. The creative design features modern typography, a beach color pallet with an aqua sky and water waves. Banners with the iconic seal, is displayed throughout Florida's Largo/Belleair/Clearwater areas at BBA events.

BBA Officers 2013-2014

Officers Recently Elected for 2013-2014
(Go to: Board - for Contact Information)

President: Bonnie Trembulak
Vice Pres: Dr. Kimberly Bender
Secretary: Sondra Bober
Treasurer: Suzy Sofer
Ribbon Cutting: Liza Campa Flanagan
eServices: Gary Fustino
Ambassador: Karen Rodowicz
Membership: Lana Schutte
Directors: Christina Dickson, Dr. Kathie Erwin, David Allen